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Hugh Montgomery

HUGH MONTGOMERY (son of Robert Montgomery and Rebecca Coffee) was born 1790 in South Carolina, and died 1833 in Monroe Co.(?), Mississippi.  He married Annie Underwood Battle.  She was born 1800 in North Carolina or Georgia1, and died 1880 in Plus, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi.

Very little is known about Hugh with certainty.  There is some evidence to suggest that he may have lived in Tennessee for a short time because the 1850 census records his first daughter's (Jane) birthplace in Tennessee2.  It is possible that the census information for Jane Montgomery Nason is wrong, but at least one other Montgomery family member did reside with her spouse in Tennessee.  For further information see this page. 

By 1830 it is certain that Hugh Montgomery was residing in Monroe County, Mississippi.  He, along with most other children of Robert had relocated to this part of Mississippi.  See Robert Montgomery for a more detailed discussion of the migration.  His youngest son Thomas Evans Montgomery is known to have been born in Monroe County.

The circumstances of Hugh's death are unknown.

Excerpted from History of Mississippi:  The Heart of the South, vol. III (1925, reprinted in 1978 by the Reprint Company, Spartanburg, SC), p. 633

"He [Thomas Evans Montgomery] was the son of Hugh Montgomery and grandson of Robert Montgomery who was born on the Atlantic Ocean while his parents were on a vessel bound for America.  They settled in the Carolinas and his father, Hugh Montgomery, was one of the early surveyors of the south.  He spent his last years in Monroe country, Mississippi, and at the time of his death was engaged in government work."


  1. JANE MONTGOMERY, b. 1826, Tennessee3; m. JOHN F. NASON; b. 1818, South Carolina. 
  2. ELVIRA MONTGOMERY, b. about 1826, Mississippi3; m. ENOCH JONES; b. about 1819, Tennessee.4 
  3. WILLIAM B. MONTGOMERY, b. 1827, Mississippi; m. (1) CAROLINE HALL; b. 1840, Mississippi; m. (2) CAROLINE WAYNE. 
  4. NANCY BRONETTA MONTGOMERY, b. 1831, Mississippi; m. FREDERICK W. GOODE, February 21, 1866, Mississippi; b. 1836, Alabama. 
  5. THOMAS EVANS MONTGOMERY, b. April 21, 1833, Monroe Co., Mississippi; d. December 22, 1892, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi7; m. FRANCES CORNELIA MCCLESKY; b. April 28, 1842, Alabama; d. 1898, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi. 
  6. MINERVA MONTGOMERY, b. Unknown, MS 8; m. LEANDER MCFARLAND; b. Of Brownwood, Texas. 


1. 1850 Census Pontotoc County Mississippi, Some census transcribers have recoreded that "Amy W. Montgomery" was born in Georgia. An examination of the census images themselves shows that this is merely a misinterpretation of the handwriting: "Anny B. Montgomery.  It seems clear that this is Annie Battle Montgomery because she is living next to Jane and John Nason and she has Nancy and Thomas still living with her. The 1860 census for Pontotoc Co. confirms that she was born in North Carolina. 

2. 1850 Census Pontotoc County Mississippi, Federal Census lists birth state as Tennessee. 

3. 1850 Census Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, pages 284-5, Name is listed as "Rebecca" living with Enoch D. Jones, William, Cynthia and Newton. Note: I am of the opinion that Rebecca is not Elvira, but a second (or perhaps first) wife of Enoch. Thus, the information about birth on Elvira is probably incorrect and belongs to another individual altogether. The reasons include the fact that "Rebecca" is listed as 24 years old, placing her birth in about the year 1826. Elvira, however, had a sister (Jane) who was born in Tennessee in 1826. It is not likely that she could have been her twin. Furthermore, she had a brother (William) born the following year in 1827. Although mathematically possible for three children who are not twins to be born in two calander years, it is rare enough to be suspicious of. 

4. 1850 Census Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, page 284. 7. Clan Montgomery Society International. 8. Brøderbund Software, Inc., Family Archive #17, Ed. 1, Birth Records: United States/Europe, Birth Records AAI Birth Records Extraction, (Release date: December 23, 1993), "CD-ROM," Internal Ref. #


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