Annie Underwood Battle

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Annie Underwood Battle
1800 - 1880

ANNIE UNDERWOOD BATTLE was born 1800 in North Carolina (or Georgia1), and died 1880 in Plus, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi2.  She married Hugh Montgomery (son of Robert Montgomery and Rebecca Coffee).  He was born 1790 in South Carolina, and died 1833 in Monroe Co.?, Mississippi.

One transcription of the 1850 Census for Pontoco Co., Mississippi found online (transcribed by Betty Casey <, records Amy B. Montgomery.  This MUST be Annie Underwood Battle Montgomery because she was born in 1800 and census records age as 50 yrs.  Two youngest children Thomas and Nancy ages 16 and 19 respectively corresponds to Thomas Evans and Nancy Bronetta birth years.  Also, this record is directly following the record for the Nason family whom her daughter Jane married.

Having seen an image of the census record, I believe that it was transcribed incorrectly.  The record reads "Anny B. Montgomery."   The "W," when compared to other examples on the census, is clearly that, though it is easy to confuse with a "B" to the modern eye.  The word Anny (perhaps Any) does look a lot like Amy in that the "nn" is written continuously.  The census does, however, say that she was born in Georgia.

1860 Census shows Anne Montgomery Living with Nancy B.  The age seems to be fudged for both Annie and Nancy.

Nothing is known of the origins of Annie Battle.  The 1850 census records her birth place as Georgia, but other records, such as the 1860 census, confirm that it was North Carolina.  This type of error is not uncommon on census records since the census enumerator was empowered to gather information on the individual from neighbors if no one was at home at the time he came by (see the NARA web site on the 1890 census).  If Annie is from North Carolina it would tend to confirm the supposition that Robert Montgomery was from the upcountry in South Carolina.  Lancaster county, for example lies, on the North Carolina border. In fact, there was a border dispute in the Waxhaw area about which state it belonged in.  It would seem  natural for Robert's children to find a husband or wife in the neighboring area of North Carolina.

Although I do not yet know who Annie's parents were, family records indicate that she had three brothers by the names of  John, Thomas, and James.  Thomas had children by the names of Jack, William, and Annie; and John had a son named Buck.

Children of Annie Underwood Battle and Hugh Montgomery

  1. ELVIRA MONTGOMERY, b. Abt. 1826, Mississippi4; m. ENOCH JONES; b. Abt. 1819, Tennessee.

  2. JANE MONTGOMERY, b. 1826, Tennessee6; m. JOHN F. NASON; b. 1818, South Carolina;

  3. WILLIAM B. MONTGOMERY, b. 1827, Mississippi; m. (1) CAROLINE HALL; b. 1840, Mississippi; m. (2) CAROLINE WAYNE.

  4. NANCY BRONETTA MONTGOMERY, b. 1831, Mississippi; m. FREDERICK W. GOODE, February 21, 1866, Mississippi; b. 1836, Alabama.

  5. THOMAS EVANS MONTGOMERY, b. April 21, 1833, Monroe Co., Mississippi; d. December 22, 1892, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi8; m. FRANCES CORNELIA MCCLESKY; b. April 28, 1842, Alabama; d. 1898, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi.

  6. MINERVA MONTGOMERY, b. in Mississippi10; m. LEANDER MCFARLAND; b. Of Brownwood, Texas.



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